Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir

Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir has been the scientific editor of the “Flora of Israel Online” website since 2016, and is the scientific director of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. He is an expert on the Mediterranean and West Asian floras, as well as on geophytes, plant conservation and sustainable horticulture.

He studied with professors Avi Shmida, Jaime Kigel and Avinoam Danin. He teaches at the Hebrew University and at the botanical gardens. Among the books he has authored or co-authored are: Protected Flowers of Israel, Red Data Book – Endangered Plants of  Israel, Flowers of Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea Coast, and Beautiful Israel in the Green, in Hebrew; Flowers of the Eastern Mediterranean, Flowers of the Transcaucasus, and Green Armenia, in English.

Ori leads professional botanical excursions in Israel, the Mediterranean and the Caucasus, he is a licensed tour guide and a professional photographer.

Contact Ori: fragman@botanic.co.il