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אורן ירושלים - מפת תפוצה

Geogr. District

Vegetation Units

Description & Remarks

@More on this species in [useful_plants_c5 “Useful Plants” chapter C part 5], January 2008.
Pinus halepensis is a spontaneous tree of Israel and Jordan, growing in the moist part of these countries. There are spontaneous populations of the Alepo pine confined to Light Rendzina soils developing on marly chalk in the JudeaN Mts., Mt. Carmel, Upper Galilee, and in Ammon, Jordan. There is a stress of bad aeration of the soil in this habitat, and the pine having micorrhiza (symbiosis of the pine with soil fungi growing on the trees’ roots) which assists better obtaining of nutrients from the problematic soil. The differences between nutrient uptake of the Alepo pine and the Kermes oak (Quercus calliprinos) seem to be thew main reason for the dominace of the pine on Rendzinas and of Q. calliprinos on Terra Rossa.There are many events of woild fire in the history of the woodlands in the northern part of the country. The Alep pine is adapted to firew by the following way: when crown burns, the cones remain closed, protecting the seeds. Some 15 minutes after the fire ceases, the cones open and seeds, each armed with a wing are carried away by the wind and being naturally planted in the fresh ash. The first rain shower brings about germination of many pine seeds. In the following years self-triming takes place and the number of individuals decreases until the tree riches a balance. The Alepo pine is a spontaneopus tree growing naturally all around the Mediterranean basin. It also serves as an imporetant afforestation tree. Most of the area of pine woodlands of Mt. Carmel is of spontaneous origin and the man-planted woods are in a minimal area.

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Additional Names

תכונות וזיהוי

  • האיצטרובלים הבוגרים פונים בזווית חדה אל בסיס הענף.

    האיצטרובלים הבוגרים פונים בזווית חדה אל בסיס הענף.

  • ענפי העץ יוצאים בזווית חדה לגזע העיקרי.

    ענפי העץ יוצאים בזווית חדה לגזע העיקרי.

  • אורך הזרע 7-5 מ

    אורך הזרע 7-5 מ"מ.

Life form (Raunkiaer):
Summer Shedding:
Petal or tepal color:
Sexuality and Reproductive Morphology:
Sporangia or Seed Homogeneity:
Flowering Time:
Leaf arrangement:
Leaf Type:
Leaf or leaflet margin:
Drought Resistence:
Salt Resistance: