Avinoam Danin

Prof. Avinoam Danin

Prof. Avinoam Danin. Photographer: Dan Porges

Prof. Emeritus Avinoam Danin was a researcher and teacher in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for more than 50 years. The information accumulated in the website, as well as many of the photographs within it, were his work. During his excursions in Israel and neighboring countries he discovered 43 species and 3 subspecies new to science. Three additional species are named after him. His detailed phytosociological work is published in hundreds of articles, 7 books in English and 7 in Hebrew.

On December 12, 2015, Avinoam Danin passed away at age 76. He left behind his wife, Drora, children Iris, Morit, Barak, and Shira and grandchildren Omer, Itay, Ohad, Ori, Tomer, Eyal, Uri, Lavee, and Daniella.

May he rest in peace.