About Analytical Flora of Isarel

“Flora and Vegetation of Israel” is a shared initiative of the late Prof. Emeritus Avinoam Danin and his son Barak Danin. The aim of this website is to provide scientific information concerning the plant life of Israel and its neighbors: their photographs, distribution and habitat data, morphological diagnostic characters etc. The database of this website is an outcome of more than 50 years of research by Prof. Danin and computerizing by his son Barak who started already his tight “relations” in his teens in the 1980’s. When I am about to take a photograph I ask myself what shall I say to the viewer upon displaying. When inserting the photograph to the species page I add this sentence as caption.

Today website is run in collaboration with the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens.

Our team:

Manager Barak Danin, Scientific editor Ori Fragman-Sapir 

Editors : Zalman Baumwol, Dr Noam Bar-Shai, Dar Ben-Natan, Miriam Milo, Yael Orgad, Dr Sheila Hattis Rolef and Bar Shemesh.

Scientific commitee : Dr Jean-Mark Dufour-Dror, Dr Aaron Liston, Dr Margareta Walczak

Our website has its roots in the website of the Jerusalem Botanic Gardens, constructed by Gilad Ashkenazi. A considerable progress was initiated by Udi Oron who constructed the first “Flora of Israel Online” in 2006. A parallel website entitled “Photo Flora” was erected in 2013, opened to receive missing plant photographs from amateurs. The aim of that Photo Flora is to construct a high quality photograph bank of the entire flora of Israel.

The website has no profit and given for free to the public and partly supported by public offerings.

Use of pictures:

The copyrights of all pictures in this website belong to the photographers that took them. It is not allowed to use them without a permission from the relevant photographer


Danin, A. & O. Fragman- Sapir. 2016+ Flora of Israel Online.  http://flora.org.il/en/plants/